Spelling Rules

Articles to be sent to Archaeologia Maeandrica should be prepared in Word. 11 points (9.5 points for footnotes) Times New Roman (PC and Macintosh) font should be used.

Aisa Unicode font should be used for Greek words in the article.

The latest version of Aisa Unicode;


Footnotes should be given at the bottom of each page, in numerical continuity from the beginning to the end of the article.

All visual data such as pictures, drawings and maps to be used in the articles should be added to the end of the text and the bibliography, starting from a new page, by creating a list of figures and explanations in front of it. Only the abbreviation (Fig.) should be used for these data, different expressions and abbreviations such as plates, pictures, drawings, figures and maps should never be used, and continuity should be observed in the numbering of the figures. "Fig." abbreviation must be given in parentheses; a space should be left after the dot of the “Fig.” abbreviation, In cases where more than two consecutive figures are indicated, a hyphen should be placed between the two numbers, If they are not consecutive, a comma and a space must be punctuated between the numbers.

The “Bibliography and Abbreviations” section should be placed at the end of the article. References used in footnotes should be given as abbreviations, In abbreviations, the surname of the author, the date of publication and the order of the page (and plate or picture, if any) within the scope of the special information specified below should be adhered to.


Ateşlier 2002, 78.

Erdan 2018, 45, Kat. No: 86-88, Fig. 131.

Bibliography (Books):

Erdan 2018 Erdan, E., Tisna I İlk Araştırmalar ve Gözlemler, İstanbul.

Bibliography (Articles):

Ateşlier 2002 Ateşlier, S., "Pers Ölü Gömme Geleneğinde Cenaze Harmamaksaları", OLBA 5, 77-95.


For abbreviations, the list determined by DAI should be used. For the current list, the link https://www.dainst.org/documents/10180/70593/02_Abbreviations+for+Journals_quer.pdf/a82958d5-e5e9-4696-8e1b-c53b5954f52a is used.

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