Publication Principles

Archaeologia Maeandrica Journal is a peer-reviewed, electronic (online) journal and is not affiliated with any institution or organization.

The journal is prepared by a group of academicians affiliated with Aydın Adnan Menderes University and is published in e-journal format.

No fee is charged for accepted articles and editorial evaluations. Open access and free of charge, the journal has no interests and cannot be sold for money. Articles with a positive evaluation process are published on the journal's website ( throughout the year in the relevant issue.

The number of the relevant year is completed in the last week of December. All responsibility of the works published in the journal belongs to the authors.

Article Acceptance and Publication Stages

The articles to be sent to Archaeologia Maeandrica; It is expected that there must be original studies in the field. Apart from this, the journal is also open to studies that reevaluate the existing one within the framework of different approaches. In order for the studies submitted to the journal to be published, they must not have been previously published in another journal/book or applied for publication. Studies that have been presented in any symposium before and whose abstracts have been published are not accepted. The articles to be sent to the journal must be prepared in accordance with the "writing rules". The scientific and linguistic responsibility of the articles published in Archaeologia Maeandrica belongs to the authors, and the journals and editors cannot be held responsible in this regard.


Editorial Review

Each study sent to the journal is subject to preliminary review by the journal editors in terms of focus and scope. Then, similarity values are measured and plagiarism control is performed. Rejection is given for studies that do not comply with the journal's principles or fail to pass the similarity check.

Arbitration Review

In the evaluation of the articles, the "blind colsultating" process is used and evaluation is made by at least two consultative comittee members. The studies are sent to the consultative comittee separated from the names of the authors in order to avoid conflicts of interest. If one of the consultative comittee gives a negative opinion and the other gives a positive opinion, the editor and advisory board can review the consultation reports and decide to appoint a third consultative comittee member for the article or return the article to the author. In order for the article to be published, at least two consultative comittee members must give a positive opinion.

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